Instructions for Presenters

The proceedings of the 9th Speech Prosody Conference will soon be available free of charge at the ISCA Archive. Papers will be published as camera ready, with DOI numbers granted by ISCA.

Speech Prosody 2018 will consist of oral sessions and poster sessions. Please see below for general presentation guidelines.

Talk guidelines

Talks will be 15 minutes long, followed by 5 minutes for questions.

Slide presentations will need to be presented via the conference-provided computer. Slides (in Powerpoint or pdf format) will therefore need to be uploaded prior to the start of the sessions.

Note: if your paper has been accepted as part of a special session, there may be adjustments to the time limits for  oral presentations. Contact the organizers of the special sessions for more details.

Poster guidelines

The space for each poster will consist of an area of 122 cm (hight) x 98 cm (width). Authors need to have posters printed in portrait orientation and of dimensions that can be completely contained in the square.

Push pins will be provided to affix posters to the boards.

Poster boards will be assigned to the posters using their number in the programme. At the end of the session the posters should be removed to make place for the upcoming presenters.

It is possible to print posters on the spot in Poznań. We recommend Print Master ( located under the Kaponiera Roundabout in the city center. Price: about 40 PLN for b-w print, 70 PLN for color.


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